Cataracts are the main focus of our surgical practice. More patients choose to have Dr. Powell perform their cataract surgery than any other Ophthalmologist in the area.

Laser Vision Correction

Dr. Powell is certified to perform advanced, custom Laser Vision Correction, working with the newest and most advanced Laser Center in the metro area.

Advanced Cataract Implants

Dr. Powell specializes in advanced Presbyopia-Correcting implants for cataract surgery. He was among the very first of surgeons in Oklahoma certified to implant the crystalens (TM) implant and is certified to implant every advanced implant on the market.

Glaucoma Laser Treatment

Dr. Powell has an SLT Laser in the office for the most advanced treatment of glaucoma and high intraocular pressures. In addition, we have in our office state-of-the art HD-OCT and Visual Field machines for the most advanced detection and monitoring of glaucoma.

DrPowell112.jpgEye surgery can be scary. Itʼs important for you to be educated about your procedure and be comfortable with your surgeon. We want you to see why Dr. Powell and his team have developed a reputation for excellence in eye care and eye surgery over the past 5 years in Norman.

If youʼre not sure if cataract or laser vision correction surgery is right for you, give us a call. Our team is the most knowledgable. Our surgeon is the most trusted and experienced. And your eyes are only ones you have to see the world around you. Weʼll help you see it--clearly and beautifully.